In My Opinion….

by jeffrusk

Opinions are curious things.   Some are unchallengeable and really are very personal and provide for the variability and flavor of  life.  Other opinions can get you killed. 

I am of the opinion hats are a great thing.  They keep my head cool or warm depending on the season, provide shade for my eyes so I do not have to be concerned with sunglasses and I think I look good in them.  I have winter and summer hats, brown and black hats and I just bought my first Tilly hat for hiking.  I think part of my enjoyment of hats is that I when was growing up my Grandfather wore hats and I think he looked good in them.

But not everyone likes hats and that is fine.

I am of the opinion that beets are one of the worst tasting foods that have ever existed.   I try them about every 10 years and they still taste bad.  I learned to love tomatoes in my 20’s but I doubt I will ever learn to like beets.

Others love beets and that is fine.

I was of the opinion that I was self-sufficient, had to figure everything out myself and then needed to try to control others so things went my way.  I was isolated, frustrated, had migraine headaches and did not enjoy life.

Others had a different opinions and they seemed to enjoy life better.

Opinions about that which is within my power to enjoy or shun can have a great variety to them, but opinions which involve engaging other people seem to have a narrower latitude to them. 

Many of the opinions I had about relationships were not producing much contentment in life and I had a choice.  I could continue on the path I was taking or I could seek other options, other opinions. 

“He who answers before listening – that is his folly and shame.”¹

What are we being invited to listen to before answering, before forming opinions or plans of actions?  I would put forth that we are being invited to consider evidence.  We are asked to listen for information which would supply evidence for the validity of positions and opinions. 

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows.²

The evidence is that corn seeds produce corn plants. This has always been the case and always will be.   How many times in life have I done the equivalent of planting beans but expecting to get corn.  Evidence is the tool that allows the discovery of liberty, how life functions and to produce personal prosperity.  I am free to plant corn, beans, tomatoes, apples, roses, petunias, sunflowers, grapes or another number of other seeds and plants to any garden I want.   But I am not free to have corn seeds produce tomatoes or grape vines to produce apples.  That is the evidence of how plants grow and can have the opinion that I can plant apples and get almonds but this is just not going to happen. 

Evidence gives us liberty to function with how reality works so there can be some measure of fulfillment in our lives.  Somethings in life our not in our power to control but there are other things which are.  Evidence can decrease the guess-work in life, the futility of having to try everything myself to find out what works and does not work.

“… He who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward.”³  Opinion are great to have and share, lets just check them out with the evidence of life. 

1 Proverbs 18:13

2 Galatians 6:7

3 Proverbs 11:18