We have to fix…

by jeffrusk

We have to fix the economy.  We have to fix the government.  We have to fix the schools.  We have to fix the legal system.  I have to fix my marriage.  I have to fix my kids.  It seem that everything needs fixing.  Maybe it doesn’t.  Maybe what we need is healing.

I work in the medical field and it occurred to me even in my field that healing is out and fixing is in.  The doctor will fix your heart, fix your broken bone and fix your depression.   What happened to healing?  All medicine can do try to figure out how to cooperate with how the body heals itself.   The broken bone may be set in place with pins but the body heals the fracture with bone growth.   The doctor may put a stent in the artery in the heart but the body grows the new epithelial cells which cover the stent.  Depression medication are required by some people to restore proper brain function but the vast majority of depressed people are in need of a healing of a wound of the heart.

I see the drive to “fix” things is the desire to resolve problems quickly without first looking for the reason for the problem.  Fixing is more about just trying to make a problem go away and not looking to be restored to the optimum state that would be deeply satisfying.  Fixing is an attempt to use power and force to resolve a problem when what more likely is needed is a willingness and patience to enter in a process which would slowly but deeply bring the desired restoration.   Why surrender to a long process when I can get what I want by just forcing it through? 

Healing requires a discovery of and surrender to reality.  I do not like surrendering and admitting I am not going to get what I want, when I want it, in the way I want it.  It seems to me that if A,B,C is done then X,Y,Z should result and the problem is solved.  But I am learning that if I can be willing to learn about how life works, and surrender to what I learn, things may take longer but they do get better.  I do not know where I got the idea but I used to think I could control conversations.  I would spend many hours going over possible conversations in my head that I was going to have with someone in order to control and get the outcome I desired.    This was very stressful and did not resolve issues.   But now I just go ahead and have a conversation with someone and it may not be what I wanted but sometimes it is.  I have more peace now.

In the Scripture there is a word used for solving problems and that is salvation.  It is a word not used much in our everyday lives and I think that is part of the problem,  using words which do not reach us in our lives.  I find it interesting that the root Greek word for where the New Testament word for salvation comes from can mean, “to make well, heal, restore to health.”  In being interested in “saving” us,  Jesus is not looking to “fix” us but to offer a restoration and a healing to that which was originally ours.   To be “fixed” sound go generic but healing sounds much more personal.  That is what Jesus is about, the personal.  Personal healing for personal issues. 

Cars can be fixed but not human beings and not human relationship, for those we need healing.